A list of food additives used as colour. Each additive is clearly marked if it is vegan friendly or not. Any banned additives are marked in red. We have found this extremely helpful when looking up ingredients of products to determine if they are vegan friendly or not. You can use the filter below to narrow your search down.


Food ingredients, nutrition and recipes change frequently. It is highly recommended that you double check the product labels. This list is based on products found at our local supermarkets in Australia. Check your store for details and availability.
Some of the products may contain traces of animal products due to the manufacturing process or equipment used, however, their actual ingredients are vegan friendly. We advise you double check the product labels if this may concern you.
If you believe a product should be added or removed, please contact us



E100CurcuminColourOrange/yellow colouringYes
E101Riboflavin (Vitamin B2)ColourOrange/yellow colouringYes
E101aRiboflavin-5'-PhosphateColourOrange/yellow colouringYes
E102TartrazineColourYellow colouringYes
E103Alkanet/AlkanninColourOrange/yellow colouringYes
E104Quinoline YellowColourOrange/yellow colouringYes
E105Fast Yellow AB, Fast YellowColourToxic. Banned.Yes
E106Riboflavin-5'-PhosphateColourSame as E101aYes
E107Yellow 2GColourToxic. Banned.Yes
E110Sunset Yellow FCF/Orange Yellow SColourOrange/yellow colouringYes
E120Cochineal/Carminic Acid/CarminesColourRed colouring; Colour derived from insectsNo
E122Azorubine/CarmoisineColourRed colouring; Derived from a plantYes
E123AmaranthColourRed colouring; Derived from a plantYes
E127ErythrosineColourRed colouringYes
E128Red 2GColourRed colouring found in meat products; Synthetic coal tarYes
E129Allura Red ACColourOrange/red colouring; SyntheticYes
E131Patent Blue VColourBlue colouring; Synthetic coal tarYes
E132Indigo Carmine/IdigotineColourBlue colouring; Synthetic coal tarYes
E133Brilliant Blue FCFColourBlue colouring; Synthetic coal tarYes
E140Chlorophyll/ChlorophyllinsColourGreen colouring; Derived from plantYes
E141Copper Complex of ChlorophyllColourGreen colouring; Derived from plantYes
E142Green S/Acid Brilliant Green BSColourGreen colouring; Synthetic coal tarYes
E150aPlain CaramelColourBrown and black colouring; Derived from sugar beet or caneYes
E150bCaustic Sulphite CaramelColourBrown and black colouring; Derived from sugar beet or caneYes
E150cAmmonia CaramelColourBrown and black colouring; Derived from sugar beet or caneYes
E150dSulphite Ammonia CaramelColourBrown and black colouring; Derived from sugar beet or caneYes
E151Black PN/Brilliant Black BNColourBrown and black colouring; Synthetic coal tarYes
E153Vegetable Carbon (Charcoal)ColourBrown and black colouring; Can be of animal origin (bones, meat, fats, oils)No
E160aAlpha, Beta, Gamma CaroteneColourOrange/yellow colouring; Some manufacturers use gelatineNo
E160bAnnatto, Bixin, NorbixinColourOrange/yellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E160cCapsanthin/Capsorbin (Paprika Abstract)ColourOrange/yellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E160dLycopeneColourRed colouring; Banned in AustraliaYes
E160eBeta-apo-8-carotenalColourOrange/red synthetic colourYes
E160fEthyl ester of Beta-apo-8-cartonoic acidColourOrange/yellow synthetic colourYes
E161aFlavxanthinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E161bLuteinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E161cCryptoxanthinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E161dRubixanthinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E161eViolaxanthinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E161fRhodoxanthinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plantYes
E161gCanthaxanthinColourYellow colouring; Derived from plant usually but may come from crustaceans and fishNo
E162Beetroot Red/BetaninColourPurple/red colouring from beetrootYes
E163AnthocyaninsColourPlant colours derived from plants such as grape skins and red cabbageYes
E170Calcium Carbonate (Chalk)ColourNaturally occurring white mineralYes
E171Titanium DioxideColourNaturally occurring white mineralYes
E172Iron Oxides and HydroxidesColourNaturally occurring metalYes
E173AluminiumColourNaturally occuring metalYes
E174SilverColourNaturally occuring metalYes
E175GoldColourNaturally occuring metalYes
E180Pigment Rubin/Lithol Rubin BKColourRed colouring; Synthetic dyeYes