A list of food additives used as thickener. Each additive is clearly marked if it is vegan friendly or not. Any banned additives are marked in red. We have found this extremely helpful when looking up ingredients of products to determine if they are vegan friendly or not. You can use the filter below to narrow your search down.


Food ingredients, nutrition and recipes change frequently. It is highly recommended that you double check the product labels. This list is based on products found at our local supermarkets in Australia. Check your store for details and availability.
Some of the products may contain traces of animal products due to the manufacturing process or equipment used, however, their actual ingredients are vegan friendly. We advise you double check the product labels if this may concern you.
If you believe a product should be added or removed, please contact us



1400DextrinsThickenerFrom dextroseYes
1401Acid treated starchThickenerTreated starch with acidsYes
1402Alkaline treated starchThickenerTreated starch with alkalins (sodium or potasium hydroxide)Yes
1403Bleached starchThickenerTreated starch with bleaching agentsYes
E1404Oxidised starchThickenerTreated starch with hypochloriteYes
E1410Mono-starch phosphateThickenerTreated starch with phosphoric acidYes
1411Di-starch glycerolThickenerTreated starch with glycerolYes
E1412iDi-starch phosphatesThickenerTreated starch with phosphorylating agent trimetaphosphateYes
E1412iiDi-starch phosphatesThickenerTreated starch with phosphorylating agent phosphoroxychlorideYes
E1413Phosphatylated di-starch phosphateThickenerTreated starch with phosphorylating agent and phosphoric acidYes
E1414Acetylated di-starch phosphateThickenerTreated starch with phosphorylating agent and acetic acidYes
E1420Starch acetateThickenerTreated starch with acetic acidYes
1421Starch acetateThickenerTreated starch with vinylacetateYes
E1422Acetylated di-starch adipateThickenerTreated starch with acetic and adipinic acidYes
1423Acetylated di-starch glycerolThickenerTreated starch with acetic acid and glycerolYes
E1440HydroxypropylstarchThickenerTreated starch with propyleneoxideYes
1441Hydroxypropyl-di-starch glycerolThickenerTreated starch with propyleneoxide, epichlorhydrine and glycerolYes
E1442Hydroxypropyl-di-starch phosphateThickenerTreated starch with propyleneoxide and phosphoric acidYes
E1450Starch sodium octenyl succinateThickenerTreated starch with octenylsuccinateYes
E400Alginic acidThickenerDerived from seaweedYes
E401Sodium alginateThickenerDerived from seaweedYes
E402Potassium alginateThickenerDerived from seaweedYes
E403Ammonium alginateThickenerDerived from seaweedYes
E404Calcium alginateThickenerDerived from seaweedYes
E405Propane-1,2-diol alginateThickenerPropylene ester of alganic acidYes
405Propylene glycol alginateThickenerDerived from petroleumYes
E406AgarThickenerDerived from seaweed. Substitute for gelatin.Yes
E407CarrageenanThickenerExtracted from seaweedYes
408FurcelleranThickenerExtracted from seaweedYes
E410Locust bean gum/Carob gumThickenerDerived from a treeYes
E411Oat gumThickenerProduced from oatsYes
E412Guar gumThickenerDerived from the seeds of a treeYes
E413TragacanthThickenerResin from a treeYes
E414Gum arabicThickenerDerived from sap of a treeYes
E415Xanthan gumThickenerFrom fermentation of corn sugar and bacteria or from whey. Animal derived enzymes may be used in the processing stages. For more information see
E416Karaya gumThickenerDerived from a treeYes
E417Tara gumThickenerFrom treeYes
E418Gellan gumThickenerFrom bacteria fermentationYes
E422GlycerolThickenerDerived from decomposition of natural fats with alkalisYes
E440PectinThickenerOccurs naturally in apple skinYes
441GelatinThickenerFrom animal by-products (bones, hides). Recently re-classified as food, not an additive.No
E460CelluloseThickenerFrom plant cell wallsYes
E461Methyl celluloseThickenerFrom cellulose (plant cell walls)Yes
462Ethyl celluloseThickenerFrom cellulose (plant cell walls)Yes
E463Hydroxypropyl celluloseThickenerFrom cellulose (plant cell walls). Banned in Australia.Yes
E464Hydroxypropylmethyl celluloseThickenerFrom cellulose (plant cell walls)Yes
E465Methylethyl celluloseThickenerFrom cellulose (plant cell walls)Yes
E466Carboxymethyl celluloseThickenerFrom cellulose (plant cell walls)Yes
E485GelatinThickenerSee 441No