We’re really looking forward to working with you and hosting your products and services on our site.  Our dream is to make life just that little bit easier for our fellow vegans and with your help; we’re now that one step closer.

We’ve put together this little crash course that will help you with getting your store and products up and running in no time.


1. Set Up Your Storefront

This video shows you how to set up your storefront and runs through important things such as setting up payment details, contact details and default shipping details


2. Add Your Products

This video shows you how to add simple products, set their prices (and sale prices if applicable) and modify shipping details.


3. Manage Your Orders

This video shows you how to manage your orders, add shipping details and keep your customer informed throughout the entire process.


More Info

We’re just an email away if you have any queries.  We’re here to make life easier for our customers, and as a vendor, you’re one of our customers too!

You can also download our full Vendor Welcome Pack complete with screenshots and extra information here.

Happy selling from all of us at Simplify Vegan!