Need some ideas? ┬áHere’s a list of ideas and information we’ve collated to help you make your brand and your products really stand out!

Be Detailed

Remember that the customer can’t pick up and feel your product before making the purchase. By being online, you reach a much larger audience but you also remove some of their senses so be detailed! Write all about your product, explain to them what they can’t feel or touch. Describe every detail so that they know exactly what it is they are buying. It helps to build trust and it helps to reduce any misunderstandings. Describe the colour, the texture, how is the product used, how does it feel.

Add Ingredients

This is a space made especially for customers and vendors who are conscience of the origins of the products ingredients and its manufacturing process. So make sure you list all ingredients for each of your products! Your customers care about what the product is made from, they care that no animals were harmed, they care that the chemicals are kept to a minimum and so do you! So show them that you care and list all of your product ingredients.

Good Photos

They say that we eat with our eyes and that a picture is worth a thousand words … and they are right! Be respectful to your products and to your brand and use good quality photos that really show just how awesome they are.


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