The Big Vegan Honey Debate

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A big debate that has been ongoing since the beginning of veganism is the subject of honey.  Honey is produced by bees so technically and by definition it is NOT vegan, however, just a quick google search online will come up with many arguments where vegans do allow consumption of honey.

Should honey be considered vegan friendly?  In this post, we’ll explore the reasons behind eating or not eating honey.

Is Honey Vegan

Where Does Honey Come From?

Honey is a natural substance produced by bees.  Long story short, they collect nectar from flowers then break it down into simple sugars.  They then spread it across the honeycombs where water is removed and honey is formed.

Bees Honey Vegan


Why Is Honey Not Vegan Friendly

By definition, veganism involves not eating any animal or animal products.  In this case, because honey is produced by bees, it is NOT vegan friendly.  On this side of the fence, the reasons why people turn to a vegan diet are irrelevant.  If they are following a vegan diet to the tee, then honey is not on the menu.

Additionally, many vegans believe that not only are we taking what they produce for themselves, but also that beekeeping is inhumane.  Many bees are killed as collateral when beekeepers maintain the hives and are even fed unnatural substances such as corn syrup to prevent the bees from starving as their honey is collected to be sold instead of feeding the colony.

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Should Honey Be Vegan Friendly?

On the other side of the fence, bees produce honey naturally and the production of honey is not harmful to the bees…so where is the harm in consuming honey?  Furthermore, do you even consider insects as animals?  What if we only purchased honey from local farmers who treated their bees with respect and care?  Honey is known to be beneficial to human health in many ways ranging from a cough suppressant to helping with better sleep.  Are vegans going too far by refusing to consume honey?

What Do You Think?

What are your thoughts?  Are you a vegan who eats honey?  Or do you strongly believe that it should stay off the menu?



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