Bones In My Sugar

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Sugar is carbohydrate that is found in plants and fruits. Once the juice is extracted from a plant, it needs to be processed to remove any impurities, such as colouring and minerals. In some instances, the manufacturer will use bone char. …read more

Cancer Candles

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There’s nothing more enjoyable (well, at least it sits towards the top of our list!) than coming home on a spring evening and lighting up some amazingly scented candles. As the fragrance fills the air at home, you feel a sense of comfort and peace. But what are these fragrances and candles made of? Are they actually as good for our health as they make us feel? …read more

Vegetarians Eat Fish

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We’ve all met them or come across someone at least once in our lives – a vegetarian who eats fish. Technically, they would be considered a pescatarian but it does pose an interesting question. Why do some “vegetarians” choose to add fish to their plant based diet? Why fish and not, say, a steak or bacon? …read more

Palm Oil: Vegan or Not?

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We’ve all heard or seen this before – vegan products advertising that they are palm oil free; or vegans on forums stating that products aren’t vegan friendly due to the inclusion of palm oil in their ingredients list. But wait a sec, why palm oil? Isn’t palm oil derived from plants? If palm oil isn’t from an animal or derived from animals, why are some vegans so adamant that it is not vegan friendly? …read more

The Big Vegan Honey Debate

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A big debate that has been ongoing since the beginning of veganism is the subject of honey. Honey is produced by bees so technically and by definition it is NOT vegan, however, just a quick google search online will come up with many arguments where vegans do allow consumption of honey. …read more

Vegan Starters Guide

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New to veganism? Maybe you’re starting on the Vegan Easy challenge or maybe you’ve had enough of the animal cruelty in this world? Or perhaps you just want to challenge yourself and see if you can do it? …read more

What’s in my drink!?

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So it is clearly obvious that now that you’re on a vegan diet, you need to avoid things like sausages, cheese and eggs. But what about less obvious things like alcohol? Is alcohol vegan friendly? Can you still enjoy that glass of wine over dinner? …read more

There’s An Insect In My Food!

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E120, additive 120, cochineal, cochineal extract, carmine, carminic acid, natural red 4. These are all varying names for the food additive E120. What is E120, where is it derived from, what is it used for and why do we have a whole blog post dedicated to it? Read on to find out. …read more

Gelatine Comes From Animal What!?

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A lot of noise has been happening on the social media scene with regards to gelatine and it’s origins thanks to a video posted by Over Eten. The video depicts a series of images of graphical, confronting and factual images that show how gelatine is sourced and created. …read more