Top 5 Reasons Not To Be Vegan

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We’ve all heard the excuses that people give when they don’t want to be a vegan. Some of them make us giggle, some of them make us cringe.  So we thought we’d do a fun blog post and interviewed friends, family and random people on the street to come up with our very own Top 5 Reasons Not To Be Vegan (And Why They Don’t Make Sense)!

Before we begin, we need to clarify our stance on this topic. Whether you are vegan or not is entirely your choice. We will not judge you or preach to you – if you are or if you are not vegan, it’s up to you!  What irks us about the topic is when people start making up myths or reasons to defend why they are or are not vegan. This leads to the perpetuation of wrong information and bad education!

plants have feelings

1. Plants Have Feelings Too

Perhaps correct, perhaps not.

We will never know this one for certain. However, plants do not have a central nervous system (the system which lets us feel things such as pain) and in fact most plants thrive after they have been pruned!

Animals, on the other hand, definitely feel pain.

protein bulking

2. Protein! I’m bulking!

This one has been used so many times and there is so much information out there regarding supplementing protein with vegan options that we aren’t even going to bother going into it.


3. We Were Born To Eat Meat

Again, perhaps one of those that we will never be 100% certain if this is truth or not but does it really matter? In the same logic, you could say perhaps we were born to be anything!
But we know for a fact that we can get all the nutrients we need for our bodies to survive on a vegan diet and there’s even research to support that not only will we thrive but it would also have an amazingly positive impact on the environment!

born to eat meat


too expensive

4. It’s Too Expensive

In Australia, we have to admit that our personal experience has shown that it is strangely more expensive to do a healthy shop (fresh fruits, vegetables, etc.) versus a junk food shop (chips, soft drinks, frozen meals, etc.).

But if you were to compare meat versus vegetables?  It would be impossible to state that meat is more expensive than vegetables when carrots can cost $0.99 per kilo and steak $12 per kilo.

 5. It’s Too Hard

It’s only as hard as you make it :)

its only as hard as you make it

What are some of the excuses you’ve heard? What are your favourites that make you smile and what are some that make your blood boil? Tell us about it in the comments below.

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